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Sept 23rd Results

Deborah Hellen "L-grad"

  1. Introductory Level Test A

1st-Hannah Bowers & Seaside Schiller-67.500%

2nd-Sierra Nicole Wimer & Famous in Vegas-65.312%

3rd-Erin Berkery & Not As Advertised-62.500%

4th-Amy Luyster & Holy Moses-61.562%


2. Introductory Level Test B

1st-Hannh Bowers & Seaside Schiller-66.562%

2nd-Taylor Ginley & Red Riffic-65.937%

3rd-Sierra Nicole Wimer & Famous in Vegas-63.437%

3rd-Desirre Dixon & Sky Dancer-63.437%

4th-Erin Berkery & Not As Advertised-62.812%

5th-Jeanne Hechmer & Big Ben-62.500%

6th-Tonya Elliott & Eli-60.937%

Michelle Vasil & North Star Rosemary-60.625%


3. Introductory Level Test C

1st-Taylor Ginley & Red Riffic-64.000%

2nd-Amy Luyster & Holy Moses-62.750%

3rd-Tonya Elliott & Eli-60.750%

4th-Jeanne Hechmer & Big Ben-60.250%

5th-Michelle Vasil & North Star Rosemary-57.750%



1st-Annette Payne & A Dashing Dream (Novice)-66.190%

2nd-Desirre Dixon & Uprising (Beginner Novice A)-63.611%

3rd-Annette Payne & A Dashing Dream (Novice)-62.619%


5. Training TOC

1st-Shannon Carter & Zars Nip Tuck (Training 1)-60.000%

2nd-Shannon Carter & Zars Nip Tuck (Training 2)-59.038%

3rd-Nancy Mendonca & Danny (Training 3)-57.500%

4th-Nancy Mendonca & Danny (training 2)-57.115%


6. Training Level 1

1st-Liz Jorgensen & Phantom-62.826%

2nd-Kelly Meade & Gala Leon-62.173%

2nd-Dessire Dixon & Uprising-62.173%

3rd-Nicole Vasil & Castleberrys ReFflection-61.956%

4th-Shannon Barrett & Eclipse-61.739%

5th-Nicole Vasil & North Star Rosemary-61.521%

6th-Crystal Majetwski & TSRE Jose-60.434%


7. Training Level 2

1st-Kelly Meade & Gala Leon-67.307%

2nd-Shannon Barrett & Eclipse-63.076%

3rd-Nicole Vasil & Castleberrys ReFflection-62.307%

4th-Liz Jorgensen & Phantom-61.923%

5th-Crystal Majetwski & TSRE Jose-60.961%

6th-Susan Becker & Graystone-57.307%


8. Training Level 3

1st-Melissa Jamison & Goldplay-64.772%

2nd-Nicole Vasil & Castleberrys ReFfelction-58.863%

3rd-Elizabeth Sea & Sassy San N Doc-58.181%

4th-Susan Becker & Graystone-57.045%


9. WDAA Basic TOC

1st-Cathy Sanders & X Max (Basic 2)-62.391%

2nd- Cathy Sanders & X Max (Basic 1)-61.250%


10. First Level TOC

1st-Jenny Spain & Some Caan Job (1st-2)-63.750%

2nd-Jenny Spain & Some Caan Job (1st-3)-63.088%

3rd-Liz Jorgensen & Lyrically Inclined (1st-1)-54.814%

4th-Liz Jorgensen & Lyrically Inclined (1st-2)-54.218%


11. Second Level TOC

1st-Nadege Soubassis & Valerossi (2nd-2)-69.230%

2nd-Suzy Gehris & Taking a Taxi (2nd-2)-57.820%

3rd-Suzy Gehris & Happy Fellow (2nd-2)-56.153%

4th-Suzy Gehris & Happy Fellow (2nd-3)-56.341%

5th-Suzy Gehris & Taking a Taxi (2nd-3)-53.655%


12. Third Level TOC

1st-Peggy Minnich & Westbrook (3rd-3)-64.102%

2nd-Anna Gibson & Pik Eleveres (3rd-1)-50.000%


High Score: Nadege Soubassis & Valerossi (2nd-2)-69.230%

Introductory High Score: Hannah Bowers & Seaside Schiller-67.500% (Intro A)

Youth High Score: Sierra Nicole Wimer & Famous in Vegas-65.312% (Intro A)

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