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In order to keep the health and wellness of our exhibitors, these are a few updated procedures for our future shows.

Show office will be closed, we will not be issuing out bridle numbers.  If you need to update your test or scratch the day of, please text or call (540) 630-2628.

Trailers should be kept 15’+ spacing to the next trailer.


Updated waivers will be sent to the rider.  

Barns or Trainers

If you are hauling in with members from the same barn or share the same trainer, please let me know so I can schedule your times together.


We will keep the arena at standard size, except for working equitation tests.  WE riders, just note your ride times maybe in the early AM, before or after lunch or at the end of the show for ease of scheduling.


Results will be posted within 24 hours and I’ll be mailing out ribbons/score sheets.   


Anyone who has symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or exposure within the previous 14 days to COVID-19 is asked to cancel any entries into the show.  If you feel ill or have been exposed, please do not come.  We can work out a rollover or refund as long as you give me notice.  


No stalls will be available for rent.  There is water onsite, but it’d be best if you bring your own water supply or please bring your own disinfectant wipes and wipe the handle after you have used the water pump. 

Social Distance
Please social distance yourself from other exhibitors and barns.  Masks should be worn, but riders don't have to wear them, but won't be penalized if you chose to wear them in your tests.  

Entries are not complete without payment.  Any entry not sent with payment will be put on the wait list and charged $20 late fee if the closing deadline has passed.  

Late Entry Policy.   After closing date, late entries will be taken pending space available.  Late fee $25 will be invoiced if space is available. Entries must be paid via PayPal.  No payment, no ride times. 

Closing Date.  Closing date is usually 10 days before the show date.  Refunds will be granted minus $10 office fee if requested on or before the closing date.


Due to the recent local outbreaks of EHV, we will now start requiring vaccination records of Flu/Rhino within 6 months of the show date.  You can email me a copy of your vaccination records.  

STRIDER (formerly EventClinics)
We will start using Strider and not our online web form.  There is a service fee to use the EventClinics system.

STRIDER Entry Form