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A group of young men who have done various robberies, but all are killed by Nascimento. Nascimento was a member of the Brazilian army's Special Operations Battalion (BOPE), a special police force of the Brazilian Military Police. The film's main cast was chosen to draw the attention to the military, the Brazilian Police and the struggle of the population. The law will be applicable to film-making, as well as to the other arts, for the protection of the Brazilian people, especially those who are most vulnerable, "and that includes the minority and indigenous people". The film began as a documentary, but became a fictional film to help the population learn how the operation was done. For this, the director was awarded the Special Jury Award at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival for "Best Feature Film" at the Maria Filomena Award in Rio de Janeiro. The film was also awarded the Golden Planet of Peace at the 11th Vigo Film Festival in Spain. Plot The story begins in 1997, when a young man named Roberto is having a conversation with his girlfriend, Luiza, about the importance of being prepared for life. Luiza tells him that she was shot at before by the police, and that now she can't sleep without a gun. In 1997, a woman named Luciana is in a large prison for criminals in São Paulo. She is pregnant with the baby of a man who was killed by the police, at the time of the World Cup in Brazil. Luciana feels deeply sorrowful about the death of her lover, as well as for the death of so many other people that had been unjustly killed. Captain Nascimento, a police officer, kills criminals. Cast Marco Ricca - Roberto Juliana Carvalho - Luiza Otávio Miranda - Nascimento Leila Leme - Vania Junior - Marcos Daniel Wachsman - Silveira Rodrigo Stutz - Policeman Miriam Bueno - Luciana References External links Category:2000 films Category:Brazilian films Category:Portuguese-language films Category:Films about Brazilian special forcesThe present invention relates to a semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same. In recent years, as the semiconductor device is highly integrated, the resistance of the gate electrode material in the gate region is



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