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Online Horse Show

Due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, I have to cancel our April 5th show.   I hope to reschedule the show, but some riders are still riding and are interested in showing.  This is hopefully a fun way to still show in the comfort of our own barn, but get feedback from judges.

Judge: Aviva Nebesky "L-grad"

Wear suitable clothing for horse and rider. 

Helmets must be worn, no exception.


Videos must be good quality. 

Videographer should record from C.  Please film in landscape orientation if recording from smartphone. 

Please make sure videographer records entire arena.  Zooming in is helpful for the judge esp on movements closer to A. 

Here is an example (tho to critique this video the side letters should be shown):


Judge reserves the right to decline to judge a video due to the quality.  If you are unsure if your video quality is good, please email me and I can review it and make sure it’s good.

Please record as mp4 or upload to Youtube to send it. 

Please make sure your arena is 20x40 or 20x60m.  Please ensure the letters are visible in the video. 


Tests - $25/test

Detailed Judges Feedback $10

If you are interested in a more detailed feedback from the judge beyond the dressage comments. 


If your internet connection is bad, you can mail in SD card to me.  Please make sure to mail it before April 19th so I have enough time to upload it for the judge.  Make sure to mail it in a hard envelope and include return postage if you want the SD card back. 


Mailing Address: 4222 Fortuna Center Plaza #229, Dumfries, VA 22025


Entry Deadline April 15th

Results be announced April 27th


Danish Scoring







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