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October Results

October 4th, 2020 Results
Annmari Ingersoll “L-grad”

Intro TOC
1st-Kristin VanDerlaske & The Gunner’s Daughter (Intro B)-70.937%
2nd-Evelyn OConnor & Finding Sherman GSF (Intro C)-69.750%
3rd-Kristin VanDerlaske & The Gunner’s Daughter (Intro A)-68.125%
4th-Andrea Roberson & White Logic (Intro C)-64.000%
Working Equitation Level 1
1st-Marlene McGrath & Prince of Hearts-73.333%
1st-Hannah Leads & Waverly (BN B)-73.750%
2nd-Josephine Barklage & Ollie (BN A)-71.666%
Training Level 1
1st-Evelyn Oconnor & Finding Sherman-76.150%
2nd-Helen Leonard & Shady Character-68.846%
3rd-Lisa Marie Bastian & Mr. Catalpa-65.961%
4th-Melanie Deal & Enter Sandman-65.192%
5th-Andrea Roberson & White Logic-64.230%
Training Level Test 2
1st-Sonja Tucker & Gustav-72.758%
2nd-Devenie Cloran & Freark-69.655%
3rd-Helen Leonard & Shady Character-70.000%
4th-Lori LaFave & Spring Ducatti-62.241%
Training Level Test 3
1st-Sonja Tucker & Gustav-73.793%
2nd-Lauren Fanta & Ironwood Blitzen-72.758%
3rd-Devenie Cloran & Freark-70.689%
4th-Lori LaFave & Spring Ducatti-70.344%
First Level TOC
1st-Nicole Vasil & Castleberrys ReFflection (1st-2)-71.714%
2nd- Nicole Vasil & Castleberrys ReFflection (1st-1)-70.810%
2nd Level Test 1
1st-Wyleng Liew & Ghold Nugget-70.810%
Intermediate 1
1st-Jennifer Mutchler & Free Flight-67.058%

October 17, 2020
Lisa Eagley “L-grad”

First Level Test of Choice
1st-Sandra Brannock & Sirocco Rouge (1st-2)-65.857%
2nd-Nicole Vasil & Castleberry’s ReFflection (1st-2)-65.714%
3rd-Nicole Vasil & Castleberry’s ReFflection (1st-1)-65.517%
4th-Michelle Campbell & Vanna (1st-3)-63.472%
5th-Sandra Brannock & Sirocco Rouge (1st-1)59.655%
Second & Third Level Test of Choice
1st-Wyleng Liew & Free Flight (3rd-1)-71.756%
2nd-Wyleng Liew & Free Flight (3rd-2)-69.736%
3rd-Michelle Campbell & Vanna (2nd-1)-63.472%
Training Level Test 1
1st-Leslie Parnell & Tiger-63.918%
2nd-Trish Mathis & All Bets Down-59.423%
1st-Jennifer Mutchler & TIkTok-68.676%
Intro Test Test of Choice
1st-Kristin Van Derlaske & The Gunner’s Daughter- (Intro B)-68.437%
2nd-Kristin VanDerlaske & The Gunner’s Daughter (Intro A)-65.625%
Western Dressage Test of Choice
1st-Jola Peil & Gatsby- (WD Intro 2)-68.055%
2nd-Jola Peil & Gatsby (WD Intro 4)-58.809%
High Score: Wyleng Liew & Free Flight (3rd-1)-71.756%
October 18, 2020
Dilly Jackson “L-grad”

Working Equitation Level 1
1st-Marlene McGrath & Prince of Hearts-64.166%
Intro Test A & B
1st-Candace Fahey & Starlight (Intro B)-75.312%
2nd-Emma Morgan & Zoe (Intro A)-62.812%
3rd-Emma Morgan & Zoe (Intro B)-62.187%
4th-Teagen Niles & Olaf-60.625%
Intro Test C
1st-Andrea Roberson & White Logic-61.250%
2nd-Teagen Niles & Olaf-60.625%
1st-Level 1 & 3 combined
1st-Grace Quinn & Artwork (1st-3)-71.944%
2nd-Lynne Belle & Pete’s Pink (1st-1)-64.310%
3rd-Nancy Mendonca & Danny  (1st-3)-59.861%
4th-Beth Waller & Evelyn KS (1st-3)-59.027%
5th-Amy Luyster & Holy Moses (1st-3)-58.333%
1st-Level Test 2
1st-Grace Quinn & Artwork (1st-2)-67.285%
2nd-Lynne Belle & Pete’s Pink (1st-2)-64.285%
3rd-Beth Waller & Evelyn KS (1st-2)-62.571%
4th-Nancy Mendonca & Danny (1st-2)-62.285%
5th-Amy Luyster & Holy Moses (1st-2)-60.857%
1st-Courtney Olmstead & A Kiss in the Dark (Novice B)-72.380%
2nd-Courtney Olmstead & Eliza (Novice A)-71.904%
3rd-Courtney Olmstead & Eliza (Novice B)-71.667%
4th-Courtney Olmstead & A Kiss in the Dark (Novice A)-70.952%
5th-Annette Payne & A Dashing Dream (Novice B)-65.925%
6th-Annette Payne & A Dashing Dream (Novice A)-62.619%
USEA Training Test A
1st-Courtney Olmstead & Claire-65.238%
Training Level TOC
1st-Candace Fahey & Starlight (Training 1)-71.730%
2nd- Jeanne Hechmer & Diligent Citation Effort (Training 2)-66.379%
3rd- Jeanne Hechmer & Diligent Citation Effort (Training 1)-63.653%
4th- Lori LaFave & Spring Ducatti (Training 2)-61.379%
5th-Rosemary Groux & Celtic Harmony (Training 2)-61.206%
6th-Andrea Roberson & White Logic (Training 1)-59.038%
Rosemary Groux & Celtic Harmony (Training 1)-58.846%
2nd Level TOC
1st-Patricia Cordts & Forgael (2nd-3)-55.357%
2nd-Patricia Cordts & Forgael (2nd-2)-58.902%
High Score (excluding WE/USEA tests): Grace Quinn & Artwork (1st-3)-71.944%

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