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March 10 2019 Results

Sherry Meier "L-grad"

Introductory Test A – Series End Participants
1st-Taylor Heldretch & Second Chance-65.937%
1st-Karlie Wilebski & Hollywood-65.937%
2nd-Kayla Dixon & Dry Times Hollywood-65.625%
3rd-Jordan Ruth & Dancing Bee-64.062%
4th-Robin Szewczyk & Arthor Fonzarelli-61.562%
4th-Lauren Bryd & Formal Pass-61.562%
5th-Sharon Itzkoff & A Touch of Magic-60.625%
Introductory Test B – Series End Participants
1st-Taylor Heldreth & Second Chance-66.562%
2nd-Jordan Ruth & Dancing Bee-64.687%
3rd-Elizabeth Camacho & Cody-64.375+%
4th-Madison Green & Zoe-64.375%
4th-Robin Szewczyk & Arthur Fonzarelli-64.375%
5th-Kayla Dixon & Dry Times Hollywood-63.125%
6th-Karlie Wilebski & Hollywood-62.812%
Samantha Whysong & Inevitably Hot-61.562%
Sharon Itzkoff & A Touch of Magic-60.625%
Lauren Bryd & Formal Pass-60.312%
Introductory Test A + B combined
1st-Aurora Beckett & Chance (Intro A)-70.937%
2nd-Claire McBride & Peppy’s Moonshot (Intro B)-64.687%
3rd-Claire McBride & Peppy’s Moonshot (Intro A)-63.750%
4th-Lisa Eagley & North Star (Intro B)-62.812%
5th-Lisa Eagley & North Star (Intro A)-62.500%
6th-Eve Lindsay & Alchemy (Intro A)-57.187%
Introductory Test C
1st-Cambray Walmer & Dana California-66.750%
2nd-Madison Greene & Zoe-66.500%
3rd-Samantha Whysong & Inevitably Hot-64.000%
4th-Autumn Edson & Bernie-62.250%
Western Dressage TOC
1st-Beth Wells & Te-Rexx (Intro 2)-61.667%
2nd-Jean Graziano & WKF Morgaine Le Fey (Intro 4)-60.238%
3rd-Beth Wells & Te-Rexx (Basic 1)-60.208%
4th-Jean Graziano & WKF Morgaine Le Fey (Intro 2)-59.444%
USEA Beginner Novice TC
1st-Crystal Duffield & Saved the Best (BN B)-69.722%
2nd-CAmbray Walmer & Chloe (BN B)-68.250%
3rd-Nina Dombek & Parker (BN B)-67.500%
4th-Alice Hanson & Mainstay (BN B)-64.250%
5th-Crystal Duffield & Saved the Best (BN A)-63.888%
6th-Alice Hanson & Mainstay (BN A)-63.055%
USEA Training TOC
1st-Mikalya Cutler & Reverie (Training A)-67.142%
2nd-CIndi Moravec & Holloway (Training B)-63.750%
Training Level Test 1
1st-Nina Dombek & Parker-68.461%
2nd-Edward Ewbank & Imperio-67.692%
3rd-Amanda Arnold & Pete and David-66.923%
4th-Elizabeth Camacho & Cody-63.653%
5th-Tersa Stanley & Schatzi-63.461%
6th-Autumn Edson & Bernie-62.692%
Jillian Rozga & Kristy-61.538%
Edward EWbank & Damsel BFF-60.769%
Jennifer Supinger & Halylujah Gold-60.384%
Daphne Soubassis & Bella-58.076%
Training level Test 2+3 combined
1st-Jessica Martin & Elroy (Training 3) -68.103%
2nd-Amanda Arnold & Pete and David (Training 2)-62.931%
3rd-Jennifer Supinger & Halylujah Gold (Training 2)-62.068%
4th-Piper Taliferno & Mimosa (Training 2)-61.206%
5th-Tersa Stanley & Schatzi (Training 2)-60.068%
First Level TOC
1st-Calleen Kinney & Sokrates (1st-2)-72.714%
2nd-Calleen Kinney & Sokrates (1st-1)-71.034%
3rd-Shawn Corbitt  & Hope (1st-3)-62.500%
4th-Kelly Meade & Floete (1st-1)-62.241%
5th-Malinda Ziekle & Lederhosen (1st-3)-61.388%
Second Level + Third Level TOC
1st-Malinda Zielke & Lederhosen (2nd-1)-62.567%
2nd- Jennifer Mutchler & Pixie Stix (3rd-1)-61.216%
High Score (excluding intro, USEA, WD): Calleen Kinney & Sokrates (1st-2)-72.714%
Youth High Score (sponsored by Anna’s Magicla Moments Vacations: Aurora Beckett & Chance (Intro A)-70.937%

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