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June 28 2020 Results

Lisa Eagley "L-grad"

Introductory Level TOC
1st-Candance Fahey & Starlight (Intro B)-62.500%
2nd-Candance Fahey & Starlight (Intro A)-62.187%
3rd-Olivia Smith & The Unicorn Factor (Intro B)-60.312%
4th-Olivia Smith & The Unicorn Factor (Intro A)-55.937%
Working Equitation Intro Test 1
1st-Meredith McGrath & Prince of Hearts-62.916%
Western Dressage Basic Level TOC
1st-Hillary Rapier & SB Heritage (Basic 1)-68.541%
2nd-Hillary Rapier & SB Heritage (Basic 2)-66.521%
Western Dressage Introductory TOC
1st-Jean Graziano & WKF Morgaine Le Fay (Intro 4)-63.809%
2nd- Jean Graziano & WKF Morgaine Le Fay (Intro 3)-59.750%
Training Level Test 1
1st-Jeanne Hechmer & Diligent Citation Effort-63.846%
2nd-Devenie Cloran & Freark-63.461%
3rd-Sonja Tucker & Gustav-62.884%
4th-Karin Hughes & Mostly Persuaded-58.653%
5th-Trish Mathis-Briand & All Bets Down-57.307%
6th-Katie Dodson & Ironwood Blitzen-57%
Melanie Deal & Enter Sandman-54.615%
Training Level Test 2 and 3 combined
1st-Jeanne Hechmer & Diligent Citation Effort (T2)-65.689%
2nd-Katherine Buck & Cabeza Prieta (T3)-64.482%
3rd-Sonja Tucker & Gustav (T2)-63.793%
4th-Devenie Cloran & Freark-(T2) 61.206%
5th- Alisha Ames & Oriana (T2)-60.000%
6th- Katie Dodson & Ironwood Blitzen (T2)-58.793%
1st Level 1 and 3 combined
1st-Wyleng Liew & Ghold Nugget (1st-3)-63.055%
2nd-Nancy Mendonca & Danny (1st-1)-60.833%
3rd-Amy Luyster & Holy Moses (1st-1)-59.655%
4th-Olivia Lamar & Fritz (1st-1)-58.448%
1st Level Test 2
1st-Katherine Buck & Cabeza Prieta-63.857%
2nd-Wyleng Liew & Ghold Nugget-63.285%
3rd-Amy Luyster & Holy Moses-61.571%
4th-Nancy Mendonca & Danny-60.428%
3rd Level TOC
1st-Calrie Serif & Shtratego (3rd-1)-65.945%
2nd-Colleen Kinney & Sokrates (3rd-1)-65.675%
3rd-Madison Nicole Miller & Some Kinda Wonderful (3rd-3)-58.250%
2nd and 4th TOC
1st-Colleen Kinney & Elation KF (4th-1)-61.538%
2nd-Patricia Cordts & Forgael (2nd-2)-60.731%
Beginner Novice TOC
1st-Hannah Leads & Waverly (BN B)-70.250%
2nd-Laurie Falter & Tenedos (BN B)-64.250%
3rd-Jacob Rozga & DeAngelo (BN B)-62.000%
4th-Sydney Wilvert & Mr. Catalpa ( BN B)-61.750%
5th-Melinda Moore & London (BN A)-58.611%
6th-Josephine Barklage & Ollie ( BNA)-54.444%

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