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Feb 10 2019 Results

Annemari Ingersoll "L-grad"
  1. Introductory Test A

1st-Madison Green & Zoe-73.200%
2nd-Emma Packett & Atherton-72.900%
3rd-Karlie Wilebski & Hollywood-69.100%
4th-Sharon Itzkoff & A Touch of Magic-68.000%
5th-Robin Szewczyk & Arthur-66.900%
6th-Paul Dwyer-Capp & Ody-65.000%
6th-Taylor Heldreth & Second Chance-65.000%

2.  Introductory Test B

1st-Madison Green & Zoe-78.500%
1st-Emma Packett & Atherton-78.500%
2nd-April Trimmer & Story-75.400%
3rd-Taylor Heldreth & Second Chance-72.500%
4th-Karlie Wilebski & Hollywood-71.900%
5th-Paula Dwyer-Capp & Ody-70.400%
6th-Teresa Stanley & Schatzi-70.000%
Sharon Itzkoff & A Touch of Magic-67.200%
Robin Szewczyk & Arthur-65.700

3. Introductory Test C

1st-Teagen Niles & Hollywood-68.800%
2nd-Samantha Whysong & Deppy-68.300%
3rd-CAmbray Walmer & Dana California-68.000%

4. WD Intro TOC

1st-Jean Graziano & WKF Morgaine Le Fay (Intro 4)-66.000%
2nd-Jean Graziano & WKF Morgaine Le Fay (Intro 2)-63.000%

5. USEA Beginner Novice TOC

1st-Kata Thomas & Keen Little Friend (BN B)-75.000%
2nd-Kata Thomas & Keen Little Friend (BN A)-72.300%
3rd-Nina Dombek & Parker (BN A)-72.000%
3rd-Cambray Walmer & Dana California (BN B)-72.000%

6. USEA Training Level TOC

1st-Alayna Newsome & Isobel’s Hero (Training B)-78.700%
2nd-Brittany Hebets & Bigtime Riptide (Training A)-76.000%
3rd-Brittany Hebets & Bigtime Riptide (Training B)-75.227%
4th-Paige Crotty & Excel Star Arminia Z (Training B)-74.400%
5th-Paige Crotty & Excel Star Arminia Z (Training A)-74.100%
6th-Alayna Newsome & Isobel’s Hero (Training A)-72.700%

7. Training Level Test 1

1st-Piper Taliferno & Kisses-71.800%
1st-Nina Dombek & Parker-71.800%
2nd-Mary McConnell & Essense-70.800%
3rd-Mary MCConnell & AJ-69.500%
4th-Jim Moore & Kristy-68.500%
5th-Elizabeth Camacho & Cody-68.100%
6th-Jennifer Supinger & Halylujah Gold-67.000%
Tersa Stanley & Schatzi-65.200%
Wavery Hillman & Mindy GHS-64.500%


1st- Thorsten Kramer & Quistador  (PSG)-63.900%
2nd-Thorsten Kramer & Don Sheffield (I2) -62.000%

9. Training Level 2+3 combined

1st-Leah Westcott & A Lady to Turn To (T2)-70.700%
2nd-Wavery Hillman & Mindy GHS (T2)-68.700%
3rd-Bill Payne & Kidd (T2)-67.600%
4th-Madeline Urbanic & Carmen (T3)-63.700%
5th-Madeline Urbanic & Carmen (T2)-62.100%

10. First Level TOC

1st-Leah Westcott & A Lady to Turn To (1st-1)-68.500%
2nd-Madlina Ziekle & Lederhosen (1st-3)-67.000%
3rd-Calleen Kinney & Sokrates (1st-2)-65.900%
4th-Calleen Kinney & Sokrates (1st-1)-60.200%

11. Second & Third Level TOC

1st-Jennifer Mutchler & Eli (3rd-1)-67.900%
2nd-Jenny Spain & Some Caan Job (2nd-1)-64.400%
3rd-Malinda Ziekle & Lederhosen (2nd-1)-63.700%
4th-Kira Chrzan & Tango (2nd-2)-60.600%

12. Introductory Test A (Afternoon)

1st-Kayla Dixon & Dry Times Hollywood-70.400%
2nd-Lauren Byrd & Formal Pass-66.900%
3rd-Jordan Ruth & Dancing Bee-65.700%
4th-Sierra Nicole Wimer & Soldier’s Valor-63.800%

13. Introductory Test B (Afternoon)

1st-Jordan Ruth & Dancing Bee-70.700%
2nd-Kayla Dixon & Dry Times Hollywood-69.700%
3rd-Elizabetch Camacho & Cody-68.800%
4th-Lauren Bryd & Formal Pass-67.900%
5th-Samantha Whysong & Dippy-66.600%
6th-Sierra Nicole Wimer & Soldier’s Valor-65.000%
High Score (not including eventing, WD, intro): Piper Taliferno & Kisses-71.800%
Nina Dombek & Parker-71.800%
Youth High Score: Madison Green & Zoe-78.500%

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