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August 17 Results

Jan Garlitz "L-grad"

Introductory Test TOC – Morning
1st-Jeanne Hechmer & Dolchissima (Intro B)-68.437%
1st-Jamie Sue Ramirez-Haught (Intro A)-68.437%
2nd-Cambray Walmer & Dana California (Intro B)-67.187%
3rd-Cambray Walmer & Dana California (Intro C)-66.750%
4th-Kayla Parsons & Holly’s Surprise (Intro B)-65.000%
5th-Kayla Parsons & Holly’s Surprise (Intro A)-63.750%
6th-Jeanne Hechmer & Dolchissima (Intro A)-52.500%
BN Test A
1st-Karen Randall & Now I Know-67.222%
Western Dressage TOC
1st-Cathy Sanders & Mick (Intro 3)-73.250%
2nd-Gail Thuner & Geronimo (Intro 4)-69.523%
3rd-Cathy Sanders & Mick (Intro 4)-68.437%
4th-Jean Donhauser & WKF Morgaine Le Fay (Intro 4) -66.190%
5th-Jean Donhauser & WKF Morgaine Le Fay (Intro 3)-65.500%
First Level Test 1
1st-Courtney Olstead & Claire-65.862%
2nd-Maria Lukowsky & Dorianna-64.655%
Anna Mitchell & Floete-64.827%
Training 1
1st-Amy Luyster & Holy Moses-67.413%
2nd-Jennifer Supinger & Halylujah Gold-65.576%
3rd-Lisa O’Brien & Irish Belle-62.692%
4th-Lynn Oeters & Kahla-61.153%
Training 2
1st- Lisa O’Brien & Irish Belle-68.793%
2nd- Kayla Dixon & Dry Times Hollywood-68.448%
3rd-Sue Kimball & Johnny Walker-68.103%
4th-Nancy Mendonca & Danny-67.413%
4th-Amy Luyster & Holy Moses-67.413%
5th-Lynn Oeters & Kahla-63.275%
Training 3
1st-Sue Kimball & Johnny Walker-74.482%
2nd-Maria Lukowsky & Dorianna-69.655%
3rd-Nancy Mendonca & Danny-68.275%
4th-Kate Hall & Sage Advice-68.103%
5th-Lisa O’Brien & Irish Belle-66.379%
6th-Kayla Dixon & Dry Times Hollywood-64.310%
Introductory Test of Choice – Evening Session
1st-Jenna Chappell & Pistolero (Intro C)-80.000%
2nd-Jenna Chappell & Pistolero (Intro B)-69.687%
3rd-Lauren Byrd & Formal Pass (Intro B)-69.062%
4th-Samantha Whysong & Inevitably Hot (Intro B)-68.437%
5th-Samantha Whysong & Inevitably Hot (Intro C)-66.500%
6th-Lauren Byrd & Formal Pass (Intro A)-62.187%
1st-Calleen Kinney & Sokrates (2nd-2)-66.097%
2nd-Wyleng Liew & Eli (3rd-1)-62.567%

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