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August 22, 2020 Results

Annmari Ingersoll "L-grad"

Intro Test A
1st-Kolby Berry & Lioncourt – 69.375%
2nd-Addie Smith & Lola-68.437%
Intro Test B
1st-Kolby Berry & Lioncourt-72.187%
2nd-Stevie Lane & Lola-70.625%
Working Equitation Level 1
1st-Marlene McGrath & Prince of Hearts-71.875%
Training Level Test OC
1st-Grace Quinn & Artwork (T3)-68.103%
2nd-Lauren Fanta & Ironwood Blitzen (T2)-67.413%
1st Level TOC
1st-Amy Luyster & Holy Moses (1st-1)-70.172%
2nd- Katherine Buck & Cabeza Prieta (1st-2)-68.142%
3rd-Grace Quinn & Artwork (1st-1)-67.068%
4th-Nancy Mendonca & Danny (1st-2)-64.285%

5th-Nicole Vasil & Castleberry's ReFflection (1st-1)-64.137%
6th-Nancy Mendonca & Danny (1st-3)-60.833%
2nd Level Test 3
1st-Wyleng Liew & Ghold Nugget-66.785%
1st-Jennifer Mutchler & Free Flight-64.264%

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