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August 25 Results

Sherry Meier "L-grad"

Mitchell Dressage Series
25 August 2018
Judge: Sherry Meier “L-grad”
Beginner Novice Test A
1st-Desire Dixon & Uprising-66.944%
2nd-Lori Sullivan & DeAngelo-61.944%
3rd-Lauren Deal & Enter Sandman-60.000%
1st-Brittany Bradshaw & Tilt-A-Whirl (Training B)-68.409%
2nd-Jillian Rozga & Angel in Disguise (Novice B)-60.952%
Intro Test A, Division A
1st-Hannah Bowers & Seaside Schiller-75.937%
2nd-Amy Luyster & Holy Moses-66.875%
3rd-Hannah Bowers & Annie-66.250%
4th-Grace Snyder & Optimus Prime-64.062%
5th-Melanie Deal & Enter Sandman-60.000%
Intro Test A, Division B
1st-Sierra Nicole Wimer & Look’N For Honey-67.500%
2nd-Jordan Ruth & Dancing Bee-65.625%
3rd-Lauren Byrd & When Pigs Fly-57.500%
Intro Test B, Division A
1st-Hannah Bowers & Seaside Schiller-71.562%
2nd-Grace Snyder & Optimus Prime-67.812%
3rd-Hannah Bowers & Annie-66.562%
4th-Michele Vasil & North Star Rosemary-65.625%
5th-Amy Luyster & Holy Moses-65.312%
Intro Test B, Division B
1st-Jordan Ruth & Dancing Bee-66.250%
2nd-Sierra Nicole Wimer & Look’N For Honey-63.750%
3rd-Samantha Whysong & Inevitably Hot-63.437%
4th-Laureyn Byrd & When Pigs Fly-62.812%
Intro C
1st-Michelle Vasil & North Star Rosemary-67.000%
2nd-Samantha Whysong & Inevitably Hot-66.250%
3rd-Amy Luyster & Holy Moses-64.750%
3rd-Desire Dixon & Sky Dancer-64.750%
4th-Patty Williams & Gracie-63.500%

Training 1
1st-Nicole Vasil & Castleberrys ReFflection-69.782%
2nd-Desire Dixon &  Uprising-68.478%
3rd-Nicole Vasil & North Star Rosemary-68.260%

4th-Michelle Craig & Night League-65.434%

5th-Patty Williams & Gracie-63.260%
6th-Lynn Oeters & Savanna-62.608%
Training 2
1st-Nicole Vasil & Castleberry ReFflection-73.269%
2nd-Michelle Craig & Night League-64.230%
3rd-Lynn Oeters & Savanna-63.461%
4th-Jerri Obalde & Django-63.269%
5th-Nancy Mendonca & Danny-57.84%
Training 3
1st-Nicole Vasil & Castleberrys ReFflection-73.409%
2nd-Jerri Obalde & Django-62.727%
3rd-Nancy Mendonca & Danny-57.954%
1st Level TOC
1st-Jenny Spain & Some Caan Job (1st-2)-69.687%
2nd-Jenny Spain & Some Caan Job (1st-3)-64.117%
3rd-Trinity Chzran & Fitz (1st-1)-61.296%

2nd Level TOC
1st-Madison Nicole Miller & Some Kinda Wonderful (2nd-2)-67.307%
2nd-Madison Nicole Miller & Some Kinda Wonderful (2nd-3)-65.121%

3rd Level-1
1st-Jennifer Mutchler & Pixie Stix - 69.848%
High Score: Nicole Vasil & Castleberrys ReFflection (Training 3)-73.409%
Youth High Score: Grace Snyder & Optimus Prime (Intro B)-67%
Introductory High Score: Hannah Bowers & Seaside Schiller (Intro A)-75.937%​

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