Jan 12 Results

Sherry Meier "L-grad"

Beginner Novice TOC
1st-Sonja Tucker & Gustav (BN A)-74.722%
2nd-Devenie Cloran & Freark (BN A)-59.722%
3rd-Lacy Warner & Dolce (BN B)-59.500%
Novice Test Test A
1st-Sonja Tucker & Gustav-79.285%
2nd-Devenie Cloran & Freark-61.428%
3rd-Allison Smith & Great Red Dragon-60.476%
WD Intro TOC
1st-Jean Graziano & WKF Morgaine Le Fay (Intro 3)-62.250%
2nd-Jean Graziano & WKF Morgaine Le Fay (Intro 2)-61.666%
Introductory Test A
1st-Jordan Ruth & Dancing Bee-62.187%
2nd-Julie Hopkins & roish Rubh-60.000%
3rd-Merissa Kreidler & Chaucer-59.687%
4th-Libby Pumphrey & Catching Cloud-58.437%
Introductory Test B, Section A
1st-Merissa Kreidler & Chaucer-64.687%
2nd-Julie Hopkins & Roish Rubh-64.062%
3rd-Jordan Ruth & Dancing Bee-63.750%
4th-Karlie Wilebski & Hollywood-62.187%
5th-Libby Pumphrey & Catching Cloud-59.062%
6th-BethAnne Dayoan & JJ-46.875%
Introductory Test B, Section B
1st-Debbie Bowman & Raffles-75.000%
2nd-Helen Hayn & Goodwyn-71.562%
3rd-Meagan Miller & Paco-61.250%
4th-Taylor Heldreth & Second Chance-60.937%
5th-Casey Berry & Tom-60.312%
6th-Lauren Bryd & Formal Pass-60.000%
Introductory Test C
1st-Helen Hayn & Goodwyn-74.250%
2nd-Robin Boyle & The Fonz-66.000%
3rd-Karlie Wilebski & Hollywood-61.500%
3rd-Taylor Heldreth & Second Chance-61.500%
4th-Meagan Miller & Paco-61.000%
5th-Casey Berry & Tom-59.750%
6th-Lauren Bryd & Formal Pass-58.000%
BethAnne Dayoan & JJ-56.500%
First Level TOC
1st-Kelly Bowman & Agapito BFM (1st-3)-71.111%
2nd-Elena Prokos & Oscar (1st-1)-66.379%
3rd-Elizabeth Sea & Sassafras (1st-1)-63.275%
4th-Avery Martin & Hugo (1st-3)-62.083%
5th-Avery Martin & Hugo (1st-2)-61.428%
2nd & 3rd Level Combined
1st-Molly Bull & Ballingaguikey Mike (2nd-1)-62.972%
2nd-Martha Gramlich & Cici (3rd-3)-50.625%
Training Level 1
1st-Cambray Walmer & Dana California-64.230%
2nd-Lili Bennett & Roman-63.269%
3rd-Aurora Beckett & Parker-62.115%
4th-Lori LaFave & Sherman-59.423%
5th-Karen Itin & Crush-58.846%
Training Level 2
1st-Cambray Walmer & Dana California-66.724%
2nd-Elizabeth Comacho & Cody-64.482%
3rd-Madison Huber & Count Dracula-63.275%
4th-Aurora Beckett & Parker-62.758%
5th-Karen Itin & Crush-62.586%
6th-Jennifer Supinger & Halylujah Gold-62.413%
Nina Dombek & Kisses-61.896%
Lori LaFave & Sherman-61.206%
Training Level 3
1st-Madison Huber & Count Dracula-63.965%
2nd-Jennifer Supinger & Halylujah Gold-63.620%
3rd-Piper Taliferno & Mimosa-61.379%
4th-Elizabeth Camacho & Cody-60.344%
5th-Nina Dombek & Kisses-60.000%
High Score: Kelly Bowman & Agapito BFM (1st-3)-71.111%

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