June 27 2020 Results

Sherry Meier "L-grad"

June 27th Results
Sherry Meier “L-grad”
Intro A
1st-Kristin Erlitz & Golden Gypsy-59.062%
Training Level 3
1st-Lori LaFave & Finding Sherman GSF
Grand Prix
1st-Thorsten Kramer & Don Sheffield-67.173%
Working Equitation Intro Test 2
1st-Jola Peil & Gatsby-55.833%
1st Level TOC
1st-Nicole Vasil & Castleberry’s Reflection (1st-1)-68.448%
2nd-Thorsten Kramer & Wakensho II (1st-2)-68.142%
3rd-Paula Horne & Corigdale Fenix (1st-3)-64.027%
4th-Thorsten Kramer & Wakensho II (1st-1)-63.965%
5th-Paula Horne & Corigdale Fenix (1st-2)-63.571%
6th-Lori LaFave & Finding Sherman GSF (1st-1)-60.000%
3rd Level TOC
1st-Meredith Krause & Royal Beauty (3rd-3) 64.625%
2nd-Meredith Krause & Royal Beauty (3rd-1) 61.162%
High Score of the Day: Nicole Vasil & Castleberry’s Reflection (1st-1)-68.448%

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