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May 22 2021 Results

Annmari Ingersoll "L-grad"

Introductory Test A

1st-Jordan Ruth & Caramel Macchiato-62.812%


Introductory Test B

1st-Sierra Nicole Wimer & Soldier’s Valor-67.500%

2nd-Lauren Byrd & Formal Pass-66.250%

3rd-Emma Morgan & Zoe-65.000%

3rd-Sam Whysong & Inevitably Hot-65.000%


Introductory Test C

1st-Caitlyn O’Connor & Mavoto-66.500%

2nd-Teagan Niles & Olaf-65.250%

2nd-Sierra Nicole Wimer & Soldier’s Valor-65.250%

3rd-Lauren Byrd & Formal Pass-65.000%

4th-Emma Morgan & Zoe-63.750%

5th-Sam Whysong & Inevitably Hot-59.000%


Training Level Test 1

1st-Trish Mathis-Briand & All Bets Down-66.730%


Training Level Test 2

1st-McKayla Jones & Ebony Grace-72.931%

2nd-Wyleng Liew & Northside Acres Konnie-72.241%

3rd-Isabell Jorge & Journey-66.551%

3rd-Devenie Cloran & Freark-66.551%

4th-Wendy Breeden & Glorious Eclipse-63.965%

5th-Gwen Jukes & Essence-63.793%

6th-Marin McCarthy & Bella-62.758%


Training Level Test 3

1st-Wyleng Liew & Northside Acres Konnie-72.750%

2nd-Isabell Jorge & Journey-70.000%

3rd-Wendy Breeden & Glorious Eclipse-68.620%

4th-Devenie Cloran & Freark-66.551%

5th-Donna Dyson & Mr. Jones-65.000%

6th-Meagan Miller & Kisses-64.137%

6th-McKayla Jones & Ebony Grace-64.137%

Marin McCarthy & Bella-63.793%

Aurora Beckett & Oskar-63.448%

Gwen Jukes & Essence-62.413%


First Level Test 1

1st-Sonja Tucker & Gustav-69.655%

2nd-Jennifer Mutchler & Image-66.724%

3rd-Anna Cochrane & Just Kidding-65.000%

4th-Marlene McGrath & Prince of Hearts-64.482%

4th-Stevie Brooks & Rio-64.482%

5th-Aurora Beckett & Oskar-63.965%

6th-Hannah Bowers & Queen of Heirs-63.448%

Donna Dyson & Mr. Jones-63.103%

Meagan Miller & Kisses-62.758%


First Level Test 2

1st-Hannah Bowers & Queen of Heirs-68.857%

2nd-Anna Cochrane & Just Kidding-65.142%

3rd-Gacelyn Martinez & Iberio-64.428%

4th-Stevie LeCain & Rio-64.285%

5th-Nancy Mendonca & Danny-63.285%


First Level Test 3

1st-Katherine Buck & Cabeza Prieta-69.444%

2nd-Nicole Vasil & Castleberry’s ReFflection-69.027%

3rd-Gracelyn Martinez & Iberio-64.444%

4th-Robin Russell & R Savannah Song-63.611%

5th-Nancy Mendonca & Danny-62.500%


2nd Level TOC

1st-Katherine Buck & Cabeza Prieta (2nd-2)-66.219%

2nd-Anne Harrington & Jack My Man (2nd-1)-66.081%

3rd-Anne Harrington & Jack My Man (2nd-3)-62.857%


BN Test A

1st-Hannah Leads & Sapporo-78.333%

2nd-Anna Grafchikova & Amiga-70.555%


70s Club

Hannah Leads & Sapporo-78.333%

Anna Grafchikova & Amiga-70.555%

Wyleng Liew & Northside Acres Konnie-72.750%

Isabell Jorge & Journey-70.000%

McKayla Jones & Ebony Grace-72.931%

Wyleng Liew & Northside Acres Konnie-72.241%


High Score of the Day (excluding intro/usea): McKayla Jones & Ebony Grace-72.931%

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