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2018 Winter Series

Series Ends Results

Introductory Level

Champion-Chloe Doty & Bernie-68.896%

Reserve Champion-Madison Huber & Mighty Mouse-67.708%

3rd-Katelyn Boffi & Kiya-66.458%

4th-Jordan Ruth & Dancing Bee-66.145%

5th-Sierra Nicole Wimer & Famous in Vegas-65.937%

6th-Teagan Niles & Chance-65.836%

7th-Samantha Whysong & SWF Karamel Kid-65.354%

8th-Nina Dombek & Parker-64.687%

Training Level

Champion-Meghan Schrader & Chloe-68.701%

Reserve Champion-Piper Talifero & Mimosa-62.051%

Western Dressage

Champion-Lisanne Rankins & In the Day-67.231%


Champion-Allyssa Schnitzer & Call Me Cricket-68.254%

Reserve Champion-Hogan Bingel & Cruise Control-61.629%

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