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Aug 27, 2022 Results

Joanna Gray Randle "L-grad"

Introductory Test A
1st-Emma Peritore & Rosie’s Cowboy-64.375%
Introductory Test B
1st-Gemma Bur & Radiant Star-68.750%
Introductory Test C
1st-Gemma Bur & Radiant Star-69.500%
Training Level Test 1
1st-Erika Hartzel & Captivating Version-67.500%
2nd-Amy Luyster & Holy Moses-65.577%
3rd-Kaitlin Caldwell & Harlequin Duck-63.077%
Training Level Test 2
1st-Jennifer Cook & Southern Gent-65.690%
2nd-Erika Hartzel & Captivating Version-65.172%
3rd-Amy Luyster & Holy Moses-61.379%
Training Level Test 3
1st-Olivia Giarraputo & Duke of Perth-58.966%
First Level Test 1
1st-Emily Collins & #NowTrending-65.690%
2nd-Jennifer Cook & Southern Gent-64.310%
3rd-Olivia Giarraputo & Duke of Perth-61.379%
First Level Test 2
1st-Nancy Mendonca & Danny-63.857%
First Level Test 3
1st-Emily Collins & #NowTrending-65.139%
2nd-Nancy Mendonca & Danny-62.778%
Second Level Test 1
1st-Nicole Vasil & Castleberry’s ReFflection-63.108%
Third Level Test 1
1st-Wyleng Liew & Northside Acres Konnie-63.784%
Fourth Level Test 1
1st-Kelly Meade & Sokrates-60.385%
Beginner Novice Test A
1st-Emma Peritore & Conquest Gladiator-68.529%
2nd-Kaitlin Caldwell & Harlequin Duck-64.706%
Beginner Novice Test B
1st-Jim Moore & Loften-69.063%
Novice Test B
1st-Crystal Duffield & Jack Daniels-72.778%

High Score (minus Intro/USEA): Erika Hartzel & Captivating Version-67.500% (Training Level Test 1)

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