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April 9 Results

Aviva Nebesky "L-grad"

  1. Introductory Level Test A

1st-Grace Snyder & Optimus Prime-69.687%
2nd-Michelle Craig & He’s A Cat-67.500%
3rd-Madeline Moore & Washingtonian-66.250%
4th-Melissa Gerald & Nutmeg-65.000%
5th-Desirre Dixon & Sky Dancer-64.375%

2. Introductory Level Test B

1st-Michelle Craig & He’s a Cat-68.437%
2nd-Grace Snyder & Optimus Prime-68.125%
3rd-Melissa Gerald & Nutmeg-67.812%
4th-Desirre Dixon & Sky Dancer-66.875%
4th-Madeline Moore & Washingtonian-66.875%
5th-Ursula Moore & Vanity Fair-60.000%

3. Beginner Novice TOC

1st-Cathy Sanders & Groomedforvictory (Beg Nov B )-60.750%
2nd-Cathy Sanders & Groomedforvictory (Beg Nov A)-59.473%

4. Training Level 1

1st-Michelle Craig & Youmightbearedneck-67.391%
2nd-Cathy Sanders & Bajheera-60.000%
3rd-Ursula Moore & Vanity Fair-59.130%

5. Training Level 2

1st-Michelle Craig & Youmightbearedneck-69.038%
2nd-Baker White & Renaissance Man-65.384%
3rd-Sandra Brannock & Chester-61.730%
4th-Jackie Weaver & Replete With Rhyme-60.000%
5th-Jaclyn Thomas & Aella-59.423%

6. Training Level 3

1st-Jackie Weaver & Replete With Rhyme-63.636%
2nd-Jaclyn Thomas & Aella-60.000%

7. First Level TOC

1st-Jennifer Mutchler & Pixie Stix (1st-2)-70.468%
2nd-Jennifer Mutchler & Pixie Stix (1st-3)-70.147%
3rd-Sarah Grady & Holly’s Surprise (1st-2)-62.656%
4th-Sarah Grady & Holly’s Surprise (1st-3)-60.147%

8. Second Level TOC

1st-Elizabeth Schneider & Rememberence R (2nd-2)-64.487%
2nd-Elizabeth Schneider & Rememberence R (2nd-1)-63.333%

9. Third Level TOC

1st-Alison Thompson & Commander’s Eisenhower (3rd-2)-63.461%
2nd-Alison Thompson & Commander’s Eisenhower (3rd-1)-62.727%
High Score: Jennifer Mutchler & Pixie Stix (1st-2)-70.468%
Youth High Score: Grace Snyder & Optimus Prime-69.687% (Intro A)
Introductory Level High Score: Grace Snyder & Optimus Prime-69.687% (Intro A)
TIPS High Score: Michelle Craig & Youmightbearedneck-69.038% (Training 2)

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