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2019 Winter Series

Series Ends Results

Introductory Level
Champion: Kayla Dixon & Dry Times Hollywood-71.487%
Reserve Champion: Madison Greene & Zoe-71.458%
3rd: Cambray Walmer & Dana California-68.583%
4th: Taylor Heldreth & Second Chance-68.437%
5th: Karlie Wilebski & Hollywood-68.137%
6th: Josephine Barklage & Parker-67.416%
7th: Jordan Ruth & Dancing Bee-66.962%
8th: Elizabeth Camacho & Cody-65.954%
9th: Sharon Itzkoff & A Touch of Magic-65.792%
10th: Robin Boyle & Arthur Fonzarelli-64.800%
Lauren  Bryd & Formal Pass-64.196%
Teagen Niles & Hollywood-63.787%
Sierra Nicole Wimer & Soldier’s Valor-62.812%
Samantha Whysong & Inevitably Hot-62.162%
Training Level
Champion: Nina Dombek & Parker-70.131%
Reserve Champion: Jennifer Supinger & Halylujah Gold-64.369%
3rd- Teagen Niles & Hollywood-64.346%
4th: Elizabeth Camacho & Cody-64.046%

USEA Levels
Champion: Nina Dombek & Parker-69.185%
Reserve Champion: Cambray Walmer & Dana California-68.185%
Western Dressage
Champion: Jean Graziano & WKF Morgaine Le Fey-62.714%
USEF 1st & Up Levels
Champion: Calleen Kinney & Sokrates-65.170%
Reserve Champion: Malinda Zielke & Lederhosen-65.133%

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